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Walaa Dakak 

Born in 1978 in Damascus, Syria, Walaa Dakak holds a degree in  Fine Arts from the University of Damascus. Later on, he studied Contemporary Art and New Media at the University of Paris La Sorbonne.

His minimalist yet cautious figures, marked by their vague silhouettes and featureless faces - except for wide set eyes that stare out anxiously and suspiciously at the viewer - to the psychological depth captured in his works.

Using bold primary colours that act as background to his black and white figures ­– oftentimes using only monochromatic tones ­– Dakak’s simple yet effective painterly style is easily distinguishable.

His installation work "Paranoia Eye and I" was included in the exhibition Syrie: Cris – Action (2014) at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Paris La Sorbonne in Art and Sciences focusing on aesthetic art.

Personnal exhibitions

2021 : Galerie Europia New-Culture, Paris- France

2020 : "Suspendu", Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris, France

2019 : "Labyrinthe du Temps", Regard Sud Gallery, Lyon, France

2018 : Dedicated exhibition at the Abbaye Royale, Musée des Cordeliers, Saint-Jean-d'Angély, Charente Maritime, France. Du 4 au 24 mai 2018.

2018 : Personnal exhibition at la Galerie du Génie de la bastille, Paris, France

2017 : Personnal exhibition at Karim Galerie, Amman, Jordany 

2017 : Personnal exhibition (installation, peinture), at La Cartoucherie, Paris, France

2013 : Personnal exhibition at la galerie at ART LIGRE Gallery , Paris, France

2007 : Personnal exhibition at Centre Culturel Arabe-Syrien, Paris, France

2006 : Personnal exhibition at la galerie ARTECONTE, Paris, France

Collective exhibition

2021 : Galerie HUB, Koweït

2021 : Biennale d’art contemporain (Le Génie Des Jardins), Paris- France

2019 : Galerie Premier Regard, Paris-France

2019 : Feelings, The HUB Gallery, Kuwait

2019 : La Maison des arts de Malakoff (Installation), Malakoff, France

2018 : Espace Commines, Paris, France

2016 : Biennale d’art contemporain (Le Génie Des Jardins), Paris, France

2016 : Collective exhibition (Norway, France, Spain) 

2015 : Collective exhibition (Norway, Germany, France) 

2014 : MUCEM museum of the civilizations of Europe and then Mediterranean (La caravane syrienne) 

2014 : The Palace of Fine Arts, Bruxelles (La caravane culturelle syrienne). 

2014 : Collective exhibition (installation, peinture, sculpture) à l’Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), Paris 

2013 : Collective exhibition (installation) à l’Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France 

2012 : Collective exhibition in Doha, Qatar 

2009 : Collective event « Prayer Flags Around the World » à Strasbourg, France 

2003 : Participation au salon du printemps avec des jeunes artistes en Syrie 

2003 : Design et mise en œuvre du prix de l’art dramatique Syrien 

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